I moved!

Awhile ago, actually. Here’s my new painting website:



Dog, Pigeon

dog and pigeon framed

11×14 oil on panel (2014)

Kinda morbid, but I like it. Relatively fun and easy. Once again with the limited palette: tit. white, cad. red, yellow ochre, ivory black, and a tad of cobalt blue to get those green grays.


another nonsense drawing

monkey and chicken

11″x14″ graphite on paper

It doesn’t mean anything. Just wanted to play around.


tougher than you and don’t you forget it.


joy in front of bricks

16″x20″ oil on wood panel (2014)

Turns out tattoos are difficult and fun to paint.

I used another very limited palette for this one: titanium white, yellow ochre, cadmium red (med.), ivory black.

I found the frame cheap at an antique store when the painting was half done. It was 70s gold when I brought it home. Painted it black because that’s sexier.


montpellier pic

24″x44″ oil on wood (2013-14). Click image to see full size.

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Air Conditioning



heat wave

16″x20″ oil on wooden panel

Joy and I visited Marta in St. Louis during a heat wave. That air conditioner earned its keep.

This was my first attempt using the “Zorn palette” (nothing but titanium white, yellow ochre, cadmium red, and ivory black).

A Wall (just a wall)

Blue Wall

Oil on panel, 16″x20″